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iSchool Faculty Openings

Do you have experience with information management in a commercial or other environment where data and information are used strategically? (e.g. lab, non-profit, government agency)

Are you interested in teaching occasionally for the UW-Madison iSchool?

The iSchool is currently recruiting potential new online and face to face instructors for several courses that are part of its information/data management track including:


LIS 732 Strategic Information Services: Developing, managing and evaluating information services to corporate, government, research, small business, and community organizations. Overviews of knowledge management, business intelligence, industry analysis, information brokering. Gain skills in information service entrepreneurship and marketing information services. Overview of changes within the profession and networking within the professional community.

LIS 615 System Analysis and Project Management for Information Professionals: Introduces established and evolving methodologies for the analysis, design, and development of information systems involving people, data/information and technologies. Introduces students to basic concepts and tools of project management. Learn to apply systems analysis and project management methods to solve real world problems involving information flows and interactions.

LIS 711 Data Management for Information Professionals: Preparation to effectively and ethically manage, organize and protect the data in organizational settings. Covers major topics of data management addressed by the Certified Data Management Professional certification. Assess, construct and implement workflows, organizational policies and data architecture to improve data quality and security. Learn to clean and organize data for effective retrieval and use. Learn tools and techniques to support data interoperability, and gain understanding of contemporary data management ethical and policy issues.


If you are interested in hearing more about teaching opportunities for one or more of the above courses, please contact iSchool Associate Director Nicole Wiessinger ([email protected]) A masters degree in a related field is required.

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