Joint ARMA Madison-AIIM Wisconsin Seminar

From Creation to Deletion: Planning for all Stages of Electronic Records

May 2nd, 2018 at the Alliant Energy Center

Join ARMA Madison, AIIM Wisconsin, and Jesse Wilkins of AIIM for a program focused on managing electronic records throughout their lifecycle.

Jesse Wilkins, CIP, CRM, IGP, is the Director, Research & Development for AIIM International. He has worked in the information management industry for more than 20 years as an end user, vendor, consultant, and trainer. His areas of expertise include enterprise content management, electronic records management, email management, document imaging, and social media technologies and governance processes. Learn more about Jesse here.

Organizations have been creating electronic records and digital information systems for over 50 years, but most of them struggle with appraisal and retention scheduling of electronic content. Organizations need to carefully examine their record systems to ensure that content can be managed through its entire lifecycle and be destroyed as soon as possible, transferred to a new system or storage environment, and if necessary transferred to an archival environment.

Records and information professionals face challenges working with IT to develop systems that support Information Governance. The benefits of identifying, documenting, and implementing systems that work with the information lifecycle, including defensible deletion and long term preservation, will keep digital files from accumulating in our electronic attics, reduce costs, and reduce risks to organizations. 

Session 1: Introduction to Modern Records Management

This session will describe how records management can be positioned as a business enabler for the modern enterprise. We'll pay particular attention to new developments in records and information management and the impact of digital transformation on organizations. This session will conclude with some fundamental principles for effective digital recordkeeping. 

Session 2: How to Capture Digital Records

This session will offer strategies for capturing digital records more effectively using automation. We'll review specific digital recordkeeping challenges including social media, email, the cloud, and structured data, and provide strategies and recommendations for addressing each in turn. 

Session 3: Automatic Disposition - Yes, Really!

This session will introduce and discuss the concept of defensible disposition and describe strategies for streamlining the retention and disposition process. We'll also look at some other strategies for managing digital records throughout the lifecycle with particular attention on automating key tasks through workflow and content analytics.

Session 4: How to Access Your Digital Records in 5, 50, 500 Years

This session will identify the most important issues associated with ensuring long-term access to digital records, including file formats and storage media concerns. We'll outline a number of different approaches to address each issue and provide attendees with guidance around development of a digital preservation strategy. 

ICRM Continuing Education Credits: Pending

AIIM Continuing Education Credits: 5 credits for attending the seminar

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